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Over 17 Years Experience In The Logistics Industry

We are the industry leaders providing quality and effective shipping, freight forwarding and logistics services in Ghana and beyond.

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We committed to offering quality and effective freight forwarding and shipping transport services that will meet our customers’ expectations in terms of results and service charges. We believe our strong technical competence will enable us offer our customers the best as far as quality and effective freight forwarding, shipping and transport services are concern


We are committed to be the leading shipping and clearing/ Forwarding Agency in Africa and the world as a whole, combing our rich experiences in the industry by satisfying the needs of our customers, striving to increase shareholder value, creating opportunities for employees’ personal development and carrying out our operations in an environmentally responsible manner.


Established as a Limited Liability Company to be a world class integrated logistics service provider committed to providing professional, speedy, flexible and most optimal solutions to and with our clients towards achieving mutually beneficial and lasting relationships.


We believe that quality, effective and adequate freight forwarding, shipping and transport services is what will put cargo movement through the ports of Ghana on the right track for the development of the industry in Ghana.

Our Story

Total Logistics was established November, 2002 under the Companies Act 1963 with the view to offering quality and effective freight forwarding, shipping and transport services to importers and exporters who operate through the ports of Ghana.

The Company has grown rapidly to become a key player in the shipping and logistics industry. The Company currently has two branches at Airport and Takoradi in addition to the Head Office in Tema. It however operates in all entry points across the length and breadth of the country. In response to the increasing needs of its customer.

The exponential growth in sales is attributable to huge contracts obtained in logistics and shipping agency sectors of the operations. Freight forwarding which is the most profitable contributes about 40% of turnover. Turnover levels are expected to increase annually by about 40% year on year with the increase in activity as a result of the discovery and production of oil.


Dedication, reliability, efficiency and great customer service relationships

Customer first; we keep alert and alive to their needs. We're also committed to continuously improving the way we manage our environmental impacts and are working towards our longer-term goal of developing a sustainable business

Take care of today, and actively prepare for tomorrow. Forward thinking, planning and execution. Responding rapidly to changes in the competitive environment. Being informed and innovative, and seeking out new ideas. Watching for changes in the environment

Listen, learn, share and give space to others. Showing trust and giving empowerment. Having an attitude of continuous learning. Never underestimating our competitors or other stakeholders. Acknowledging our limits and mistakes

Honesty and accountability. Being trustworthy. Fairness, decency, and respect for others

Attracting and retaining the right people. Building the right team. Providing opportunities for continual development. By harnessing the skills and talents of our people. Rewarding performance and promoting potentials. Embracing diversity

Passion and pride for what we do and how we do it. Our image in the eyes of our customers and the world. Respecting and building on our strong heritage. Professionalism and dedication

Strategic Alliance

Over the years with built for ourselves industrial partners and alliances across the globe
to ensure smooth freight forwarding and operations worldwide.


- Acheacos shipping- Holland

- JCF BV. – Holland

- CFA Car forwarding Agency – Holland

- E&E Shipping – USA










- Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders

- Customs, Excise and Preventive Service, Ghana

- Ghana Shippers Authority

International Affiliations

Trusted By Giant, Small & Medium Businesses Worldwide

We operate in all entry points across the globe and have worked with a number giants companies in the manufacturing, processing, constructions, wholesaling and distributions industries.